Branding Project, Part 3: Mood Boards and Sketching

When I started brainstorming for my branding project of a diaper deliver business, I had to do several mood boards. I usually do them in Photoshop, on a document that is 17″ by 11″, nice and big. I put together ideas for the style of the brand and images that said “designer” to me, ideas for the logo, flourishes, frames, and typography.

Artemis Style Mood Board

Artemis Logo Mood Board

My direction changed to the Artemis concept, so I made another mood board for that idea.

Artemis Mood Board

Our last mood board was a personification board, which meant creating a brand personality, if our business was a person. At first, this board was hard to get started because I’m not good at making up people. Once I found my direction, I had a ball putting together this board.

Artemis Personification Board

I know people like to see sketches that went into the process of design. Since my original idea for this business was a French theme, my initial sketchbook pages are filled with ideas in that direction.

sketches for coosh concierge

I had a logo I really liked, but I ended up scrapping that idea because it sounded too much like Koosh, a connotation I didn’t want for my upscale brand.

sketches le couche concierge

I started drawing cursive and flourishes to go under the Artemis title.

sketches artemis

I didn’t do as much cherub/angel drawing as I should have. At that point in the development, I was really struggling with this project, so I drew several different baby/wing images on the computer. I had versions where the wings and the head were filled in with color, which my teacher and classmates said felt too heavy. I agreed with them and kept the line a simple line drawing.

Artemis Logo color

I love the simplicity and elegance of the final version.

Hope you found this design process interesting and inspiring. Thanks for stopping by!


For more on this project, see part 1: designing the logo and part 2: designing collateral.


  • I can see where the personification board would be a challenge…very helpful to the whole project, though. Thanks for sharing!

  • Hello Terri,

    Love your sketches of the scrolls and angel wings, good luck with your work.

    Happy days.

  • I love your scrolls. Where do you find all the stuff for your mood board? Pinterest? Google? And how do you get started on your mood board? What’s the jumping off point?

    • Thanks Stephanie. The stuff I put on my mood boards comes from all over the place, Google image searches, Pinterest, Flickr, Etsy, Wikipedia, my own images, and general online research. And sometimes I look through my graphic design magazines and reference books.

      My jumping off point for my mood board for this project was a word list. Since my background is writing, I always start out with a word list in my sketchbook of possible concepts, whether that’s a list of adjectives to describe the business or brand, or the things I want to design or the graphic elements I want to explore. I try to come up with a little story around the concepts. Then I try to narrow it down to focus on one concept, maybe the one I like best or the one I think I can actually pull off or one based on feedback from a teacher or peers. Then I try to find images that portray my word list. Sometimes I fill up a couple pages of notes and words before I feel like I have a solid concept. I also doodle along the way too. After all that, I might end up switching gears and have to start all over.

      Does that help?

  • Looks like a lot of work! I can see where it takes a lot of time to come up with the ideas and get it all together. Great job!

    • Thanks so much Cheryl. It was a great project to work on, and fun to look back on, now that it’s over. I learned so much about the process and designing a full identity, so I’m cherishing the experience. And hoping for more of that kind of work.

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