Rebranding Project: The Summer Kitchen

I finished a design project this past weekend where we had to design a label and hang tag for a product, real or fictitious. I chose the Summer Kitchen, a vendor at our farmers market. They are one of the original founders of the market, which started 30 years ago. They make jams, jellies, relishes, spreads and more, and are most famously known for their mixed berry blends.

I’m not going to slam their current labels; they are just very under designed, and look like they were done on a label maker or keyboarded in Microsoft Word.

old jam jar label

The process for this branding project was to create a mood board for the label and hang tag, focusing on color, shape and typography;

Summer Kitchen Mood Board2

and an inspiration board for the photo shoot we had to do. The end result was to art direct a photo shoot to be used in an ad of our design. Summer Kitchen Photo Board2

Then we had to sketch some ideas for the label design.

sketches summer kitchen

Since this business doesn’t have a logo, I decided they needed a medallion to represent the summer part of their name. I started experimenting with colors based on the ingredients in their products. But then I switched gears and experimented with colors that went with their business name and their brand.

Branding Board Summer Kitchen

Yay for summer!

Final Label Tags

We had to pick a magazine that would be fitting for our ad, so I chose Midwest Living, since they often feature regional events, such as farmers markets. The photo shoot was harder than I thought it would be because I’m not used to styling a food shot, or photographing something that has type on it. But it was fun and a great learning experience.

Summe rKitchen Ad

I’m really digging these identity and branding projects we’ve been working on all semester. My final project for this class will be a typography-dominant design, so we’re switching gears a little.

Hope you’ve found some inspiration here today. Thanks for stopping by!



  • Your financial project is beautiful! Be Blessed, Mtetar

  • This is really neat, Terri. I really enjoyed reading your process and thinking. I think you did a great job on their label. Now, do they know you’re doing this? Will you give this to them?

    (My typical MO is to work from where I left off on blogs that I’m behind on. I don’t do any posts until I can sit down and catch up on them all. But I’m so far behind on yours—so sorry–I won’t be able to do that. I’m going to work backwards as far as I can get. My apologies!)

    • Thank you. I did this project on my own, without the business knowing. I haven’t decided yet if I will show them the work I did. My family thinks I should.

  • Very cool. Yep, yep! Of course you should show them your lovely work!

  • I’m in agreement with your family and Elizabeth! You may end up with a client! Good job!

    • Ha, thanks, Cheryl! I really should approach them some time to see if they’re interested. They also sell relishes, applesauce, apple butter, and so much more. Lots of potential there.

  • Hello Terri,

    I hope you show them your label. I could have had you in my kitchen the other day when I was doing my Olives. Sorry I used some sticky labels. I usually make my own but as there were only a few needed I went with them. I would buy that jam, now as before they were re-labelled I probably would have walked past.

    Happy creating.

    • Thanks Bev! Olives? Great idea! This company makes jams, jellies, relishes, spreads, applesauce, apple butter and more, so it would be fun to have an entire collection to design for.

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