Today, many of my graphic design classmates and friends are showing their final design and illustration portfolios to the public. I’m excited for them, so I thought it would be fun to show you their work.

Here’s a screenshot of the main website. The concept of the moths attracted to lightbulbs was designed by two classmates, and the site was designed by one of my amazing teachers.

Graphic Design Spring 2013

Click here to see the graphic design and illustration students’ portfolios.

I hope employers are attracted to them like moths to a light, with internships and job offers in abundance. I wish them the best of luck in their design and illustration futures.



  • That’s a cool site. I looked through the graphic design section. I especially like the work of Jamie G and John I. I think my favorite is Kendall S. Really like that work! How much longer do you have? 🙂

    • Thanks for checking it out Stephanie! After this semester ends next week, I will have Portfolio prep in the fall semester.

    • I forgot to mention, There will be a new design for that site for our class next semester. During the Portfolio class, each student has to submit a concept for the invitation. Everyone votes on the winning design, which gets used for the website design. Pretty cool process.

  • I was wondering when you were going to be finished as well. Exciting that you will have Portfolio prep in the Fall—eeekk!!

  • Soe great talent there (I need to stop back when I have time to go through them all at a slower pace. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to seeing you there soon!

    • Thanks so much, Doris, for taking an interest!It will be exciting to finally be a part of the graduating portfolio students and see my work featured.

  • This was fascinating. I LOVE the lightbulbs–huge fan of the vintage style lightbulbs. And the diversity of styles of all the students is really interesting.

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