Summer Plans

Now that my final semester of classes is behind me, I’m excited to share my summer plans with you.

I will be doing a graphic design internship at the Madison Children’s Museum, working on brochures, newsletters, flyers, the website, and more.

Madison Childrens Museum

I will also be doing a graphic design internship at a small business called Sapling Events that plans events and conferences for software developers, where I will be doing graphic design and illustration for banners, posters, tshirts and conference swag, as well as some web work.

the Capitol

Both gigs are downtown, so it should be quite fun working in the urban district. Both gigs are part-time, so I should keep pretty busy between the two.

I started a Summer Bucket List of fun things I love to do for the rest of my time:

  • Re-work my design projects to put in my portfolio show next Fall.
  • More illustrated maps,
  • More animals for my African safari theme,
  • More stationery collections,
  • More Screenprinting, and
  • More web design to brush up on my web skills.
  • In between all that, I hope there will be some time to play: fill up a sketchbook, go for bike rides, play in the garden, go to farmers market, and spend some time at my parents’ lake cottage.

Thanks for stopping by!



  • Elizabeth - Lili & Mum's

    Sounds like fun!

  • That sounds like an awesome summer, Terri! Enjoy it! And congrats on being finished school. 🙂

  • These internships sound so awesome! It’s so exciting. And your list of other things to do sounds pretty intense — I hope you are planning to have some fun as well!!!

    • Thanks so much Amy. I’m pretty excited for both internships. My list of other things to do this summer are things I really love doing, so they should be fun side projects. Definitely planning to have some fun and enjoy the outdoors this summer too.

  • That sounds like a FANTASTIC summer Terri! You will be making money doing what you love!!

  • Great summer plans. Congrats on the internships. It sounds great! I’m so proud of you!

    • Thanks so much, Stephanie. The second internship came up out of the blue, and I started already, so it’s pretty exciting to get started on this new creative career.

  • Sherbert PipWish

    congratulations on your internships… it sure sounds like you have a busy and fun summer ahead!

  • Amazing internships. They are fortunate to have you, that’s for sure! (I love triangle buildings–just thought I would throw that in…) Maybe you will have some spare time for a small branding project for me? And Mark? I hope your summer is wonderful. Sure will miss seeing you, though. 😦

    • Thanks Cindy! The second internship came up at the last-minute from a recommendation. I interviewed and got the offer on-the-spot. Should be a fun place to work and learn. (BTW, both buildings I will be working in are triangle-shaped!)

      Yes, I think I can still help you & Mark with your projects. Let me know what you have in mind.

  • Hope you have a great summer…sounds like fun:)

  • Sounds like some wonderful opportunities for you, and some great fun too! Congratulations!

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