Free Download: June Calendar

I’m so happy June is here as we approach summer, such a great time of year. I’m continuing to spread stationery cheer by sharing a free June calendar download for you to use, featuring some of my field guide illustrations.

June 2013 calendar

Click here to download the file for a June 2013 calendar, which will print on an 8.5″ by 11″ paper.

For my June calendar, I chose to feature the majestic Monarch butterfly. From my Field Guide to Butterflies, you will learn that the Monarch can be found in almost any open area. Monarch caterpillars eat milkweed plants, and the adults sip nectar from the flowers of milkweeds. Monarchs are distasteful to birds due to the toxins from the milkweeds they eat as a caterpillar. As milkweeds fade in fall, the Monarchs move to goldenrods for their food source.

Monarchs are known for their long-distance migration south to overwinter in coastal California and central Mexico. It takes many generations to reach the Northern United States by June.

I hope you find these free monthly calendar downloads helpful and fun to use! Thank you for stopping by.



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