Branding and Identity: Far Out Adventures Camp

One of my final projects for my Integrated Design class was to design a logo and collateral for a cause or an event. I chose to make up an adventure camp called Far Out Adventures, where you could spend a weekend hiking, biking and kayaking, as well as learning new skills and gaining self-confidence.

We had to capture our design process on a WordPress site, which was fun to design.

I started out with concepting the logo with a couple pages of sketches. I wanted the logo to look like an achievement patch or merit badge similar to those earned from the Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts.

Logo Patch

I ended up making a secondary logo with graphic elements to represent the hiking, biking and paddling adventures taking place at this camp. I thought this logo would be funto use on the back of t-shirts and other collateral items.

Logo Hike Bike Paddle

I always like to develop a brand board to show the final logo, color palette, graphic elements, and typography that make up the identity of this project.

Branding Board Far Out Adventures

The next step was to design collateral, so I went with a variety of t-shirts, from a crewneck style to a ringer style to this raglan style,

Raglan T-shirt Front

Raglan T-shirt Back

a water bottle,

Water Bottle

a cinch drawstring backpack,

Cinch Backpack

a set of embroidered achievement patches/merit badges (2.5″ squares),

Patch Hike

Patch Bike
Patch Paddle

and a variety of stickers, a bumper sticker, a car window decal, and some Moo stickers to put on your water bottle, bike, laptop, etc.

Bumper Sticker Car Window Decal Moo stickers

Of course, I couldn’t resist designing a series of patterns that could be used to make sheets and pillowcases for campers. (I did more patterns with each graphic element on its own.) I’m definitely going to get some of these patterns printed from Spoonflower to I can make mock-ups to show in my Portfolio.


gingham pattern

I’m currently working on a print inspired by bandanas, which could be another souvenir item to give campers. So far, I filled a sketchbook page with doodles.

Bandana Doodles

Update: here is my new bandana print, which I’m really loving.

Bandana print

I designed a postcard and a poster to advertise this weekend camp.

Far Out Postcard

Far Out Postcard2

Far Out Poster

I’m thinking all this camp swag is missing an illustrated map to show a directory of all the fun activities, so I’m adding that to my list of things to work on.

campfire at dusk

This design project was really fun to work on. How fun would it be if this adventure camp were real. Actually, I would just like to have all this swag. Thanks for stopping by!



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