Look At What I Made

I’m so excited to show you what I made over the weekend. I still had some pieces of fabric from a screen printing session I did last summer. So I decided to make bags out of them.

This purse measures 8″ wide by 10″ tall, has a solid black back, and a simple chain for a handle. It’s a nice shape and size for going out.

butterfly purse front

I love the big red polka dot lining, which creates a nice contrast.

butterfly purse lining

This next purse measures 8″ wide by 12″ tall, has a different butterfly on the back, a sketchy print lining, and a simple chain for the handle. I attached a solid black piece of fabric to the bottom to make this one taller than the first purse. It’s a nice size to fit a book or sketchbook.

butterfly purse front

Here’s the back, with a smaller butterfly off to the side.

butterfly purse back

Here’s the lining with that sketchy print.

butterfly purse butterfly lining

This next pouch turned out to be perfect for carrying art supplies and drawing tools. It measures 13.25″ wide by 5″ tall

butterfly pencil pouch front

I love that the back has messy ink splotches, making it imperfectly original and non-commercial looking, just the way I like my handmade things.

butterfly pencil pouch back

Since I used scraps of white fabric in various weights, I fused heavy interfacing to each of the silkscreened fabrics to make them more sturdy to carry as purses. I also used a simple, chunky chain I found in the jewelry supply section of the craft store. The chain handle is attached to a swivel clip with a D-ring on the end, which is attached to a simple black band sewn into the side seams of the bags. Easy peasy!

It’s so fun turning a simple drawing into a silkscreen and then into these fun purses and pouch. I think it’s going to become my hobby for the summer, so I’m looking forward to some silkscreening nights coming up. Thanks for stopping by!



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