Garden Update: Lilies Everywhere

It’s lily season, and we have lilies blooming in all corners of our yard.

purple lily

peach lily

burgundy lily

white lily

red and yellow lily

pink lily

We are lucky to have so many sizes, shapes and colors throughout our yard. They are quite hardy and bloom a lot in July, which can be our harshest, warmest, driest summer month. The best part? they are the lowest maintenance perennial you could ask for.

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13 thoughts on “Garden Update: Lilies Everywhere

  1. Thanks to you Terri now have two colours of these plants. I have to agree they are wonderful plants and a bonus is that they don’t mind being divided.
    Happy gardening.

    1. Good point, Bev, lilies do well even after you’ve divided them. Most of the lilies we have in our yard came from my mom dividing hers.

  2. I love growing lilies as they do so well down here with little effort from me;)

    Thank you for sharing your large variety!

    1. They are actually pretty easy to grow and require little maintenance. Good soil, sunshine, and rain always help make things easier to grow too.

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