Fall Harvest Collections

One of my favorites times of year is approaching – Fall. So I put together a collection of notecards for my design shop:

Fall / Harvest collections

notecards fall harvest leaves

The Fall Harvest series includes pumpkins and salsa ingredients.

notecards fall

The Fall Leaves series includes a maple leaf, aspen leaf, burr oak leaf and oak leaf in their beautifully vibrant fall colors.

notecards fall leaves

It’s a little sad when you notice the days are getting shorter, but it’s such a beautiful time of year. I am excited for the bounty that fall brings, and I’m ready for lots of hiking on Saturdays.

Thanks for stopping by!



  • Love the cards Terri! They really capture the feeling of fall, my favorite season! Beautiful colors! I know your summer has been full, enjoy getting back on those trails. They’re a great place to capture the changes that fall brings!

    • Thanks so much, Cheryl! I do love the vibrant colors of fall, so it’s fun to play with color on the things you find during harvest season. Yes, a couple of my sumer gigs are winding down, so it will be nice to have a little free time again, especially to go hiking and soak up some fresh air.

  • Nooo, nnoooo, nooo… not Fall! lol You know how much I hate it.
    But I really like these cars, Terri! 🙂

  • Yes! Fall is inching closer. I’m totally DONE with summer!! Although it won’t feel like fall until November here. 😦

    I LOVE pumpkin season so much!!

    • Thanks Cindy. I’m not ready to give up summer, but I know you guys usually have hot summers, so I can see why you are ready for fall. I’m excited for pumpkin season too, especially baking with pumpkin.

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