The Last Leg

This week I begin the last leg of my graphic design degree: Portfolio Class.

What does that mean, you might ask:

  • It means picking 9-12 of my best design projects and fine tuning them to show at a gallery show in December.
  • It means scheduling a minimum of 6 meetings with instructors and design professionals to get feedback on my work.
  • It means designing my own self-branding, a business card, and a resume to use for job hunting.
  • It means designing a new portfolio website.
  • It means finding just the right portfolio book to show my work.
  • It means finding a digital printing service in town to do the best job printing my work.
  • Oh yeah, it also means concepting new ideas for a theme for our show to be voted on by the class.

Some of these things I have done; others I need to figure out. It’s exciting and a bit overwhelming in the same breath.


This week I said goodbye to my two summer design internships. It was great fun working at the both places. I met lots of great people, made new friends, and learned a lot about being a designer in real life. I am so thankful for the experiences and the opportunities.

madison childrens museum

This adventure began three years ago when I announced I quit my job and was going back to school to change professions. I was nervous about learning to draw. I was nervous about learning how to concept new and creative ideas. I was nervous about learning new software applications. It amazes me to look back and see how much I’ve learned in these past few years. I am so thrilled to be using these new skills and tools to pursue new adventures. Hope you stay tuned with me for this last leg. It’s going to be the doozy of all semesters!

Thanks for stopping by.



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