October Calendar, Free Download

Three cheers for October! Such a great month, for the fall colors, beautiful days, and wonderful foods and flavors. I’m spreading more stationery cheer by sharing a free October calendar download for you to use, featuring some of my field guide illustrations.

October 2013 calendar

Click here to download the file for a October 2013 calendar, which will print on an 8.5″ by 11″ paper.

For my October calendar, I chose to feature the Painted Lady Butterfly. In my Field Guide to Butterflies, you will learn that the Painted Lady butterfly is sometimes known as the Thistle Butterfly because of its caterpillar’s appetite for thistle. It has also been called the Cosmopolitan because it is the most widespread butterfly in the world. It is often found in open deserts, fields and roadsides. Adults prefer nectar from plants that frown 3-6 feet high, especially thistles, asters and ironweed.

painted lady butterfly

I hope you find these free monthly calendar downloads helpful and fun to use! Thank you for stopping by.



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