November Calendar, Free Download

How awesome that it’s November! It really snuck up on me, with all the homework I’ve had lately, as well as the Fall raking, hiking, and baking this time of year brings. It’s my birthday month, so November is my favorite month.

I’m spreading more stationery cheer by sharing a free November calendar download for you to use, featuring some of my field guide illustrations.

November 2013 Calendar

Click here to download the file for a November 2013 calendar, which will print on an 8.5″ by 11″ paper.

For my November calendar, I chose to feature the Oak Leaf. In my Field Guide to Leaves, you will learn that the Oak leaves are deeply-lobed simple leaves, some spiny, others rounded or wavy; however, not all Oaks have lobed leaves. Some Oak trees don’t drop their leaves until Spring. They are native to the northern hemisphere, widespread from northern to southern U.S. Oak trees grow from 80 to 90 feet tall. They produce acorns in a variety of shapes, colors and different crowns.

I hope you find these free monthly calendar downloads helpful and fun to use! Thank you for stopping by.



  • Thank you again Terri for the free download. Love the idea of a leaf for November…especially for those of us in regions where we don’t get to see the leaves change color;-)

    • Thanks so much Rene’. Makes me happy to hear you like these calendar downloads. They are handy to have, just for jotting down reminders. I forget some regions don’t see the beautiful leaves change color. Lots of yellows still around, but they’ll be on the ground soon.

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