First Portfolio Show

Remember when I told you recently what it means to be a portfolio student? Our first show is this Wednesday afternoon.

portfolio book and case

This show is for friends and family, so it’s a little less formal, an open house or dress rehearsal prior to the Gallery Show in December. I invited my family, a lot of friends, current and former coworkers, so there should be a good mix of people mingling about.

portfolio book cover

I have my portfolio book printed and assembled, brochure mock-ups ready, resumes printed (just in case), and new business cards on hand.

new business cards

The new website is up for my class, and it’s pretty cool! Click here to check it out. The concept was designed by my friend Meghan, and the site was designed by one of our graphic design and web teachers. You can find me here.

I also redid my own website, which I like so much better than my previous version. Websites are always a work-in-progress, so I keep finding new things to tweak and new plug-ins to add.

Now I need to pick out a fun outfit and put on my confidence hat. Wish me luck!



  • Your web site looks fabulous — and I love the maps! It’s so exciting that you are combining the graphic design with your love of maps. I see a great career ahead of you!!!

    • Thanks so much Amy! I really appreciate you taking a look. It was a lot of work rebuilding my website, but also a lot of fun figuring it out.

      I have more maps to upload and share, and a couple more projects to finish. After today’s portfolio show, I will take pictures of the inside of my book to share too.

  • Your bio on the web site for the students was really fun to read and it shines beautifully Terri! It’s all So very EXCITING!

  • Terri, the websites look great! Hope everything went well Wednesday.

    • Thanks so much Rene’. My first show on Wednesday went really well. I have a few tweaks to make and a couple projects to make in preparation for the final show in 3 weeks. Almost there!

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