Holiday Traditions: Cookie Day

Our annual cookie day was this past weekend. My family has been getting together the Saturday after Thanksgiving for over forty years.

Each year, we spend more and more time catching up, eating and drinking wine, and less time baking. It’s great fun! I love the camaraderie, in spite of all the strong personalities, viewpoints and lifestyles coming together.


jam thumbprints

dipped pretzels

mint bars


chocolate mint surprise

peanut butter bonbons

rolo inside

sugar cookie cutouts

kung fu cookies

pecan cookies


triple chocolate chunk

candy bar spritz

pretzel kisses

Usually a different person each year volunteers to host Cookie Day, someone who has enough kitchen space and countertops for us to spread out, someone who is willing to let us take over and make mess.ingredients

The rule for the little kids is you can eat up to 100 cookies! One year, someone tried… and got sick. ~hehehehehe~christmas subway art

The ladies (and little kids) usually have soup for lunch while the guys go to a bar. At the end of the day, we take turns filling our tins with cookies to take home and enjoy throughout the rest of the holiday season.

Do you have any holiday traditions in your family or extended family?


11 thoughts on “Holiday Traditions: Cookie Day

  1. Hello Terri

    What a great variety of delicious treats, how many times did someone say who wants to lick the bowl or beaters???
    Happy days.

    1. Thanks Bev! I think we made at least 14 kinds this year. (Our record is 26!) Every time someone said there was a bowl or mixing spoon to lick, my aunt Madelon was right there. We had to cut her off.

  2. Just wonderful!!! I made a couple kinds yesterday per hubby’s request —OH and Ayden’s too of course;) Sounds like a fabulous time to mingle and get some sugary cookies!!

    1. Thanks Sara. I’m always thankful for soup for lunch, to cleanse the palette after all those sugary ingredients. What kinds are your favorites to make and eat?

    1. Thanks Jennie. All the cookies we made turned out so yummy. Now I have three containers of cookies chilling in the garage. Hard not to indulge on too many!

  3. They look amazing! The mess looks very…… creative 😉

    Love the sign at the end of your post. What a lovely tradition to keep.

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