Portfolio Swag

When preparing my projects for my Portfolio show, the idea was always in the back of my mind to have mock-ups, giveaways and swag on my table so people could pick them up, page through them, and get a better visual for what I was showing in my book.

I knew it would be important to have mock-ups printed of the brochures, catalogs and flyers in my book.

brochure mock-ups

I also wanted to make sure I had several copies of the illustrated maps featured in my book.

colorado maps

I printed my forest illustrations as postcards for people to take with them and use.

forest postcards

This past summer, I spent some time illustrating more maps that didn’t make it into my final book, so I had a few extra print-outs on hand to share.travel maps
I had my butterfly infographic poster (measuring 11″ x 17″) framed and resting on a tabletop easel, along with my butterfly die-cut and activity book. That was a fun attraction too!

Please do not print any images of this artwork. It is available for purchase.

Lastly, I had a pile of different stickers made with all the different illustrations and surface patterns I had done for projects in my book. Stickers are fun to put on a water bottle, a laptop cover, and notebook covers.my stickers

more of my stickers

more stickersI also made up three swatch books with fabric samples of three surface pattern collections I’ve done. Those swatch books are still on my table in the art gallery, so I don’t have pictures of them, other than the picture of my entire table display. Those were also another nice attraction because I had never shown them to anyone at school before, and no one else had anything like that in their portfolio or on their table.

You may have guessed that I had a lot of fun pulling all this together!

Thanks for stopping by.



  • Hello Terri,

    Too difficult to choose a favourite. Though I do like the butterfly map one, that is great. I can just imagine reading that in a museum or something similar.

    Happy creating.

  • I agree with Bev – too hard to pick a favourite though I love your forest post cards and stickers. I also like the wording on the Africa Map. You’ve done such a lot of work and must be really proud of all you have achieved and created. Well done and congratulations.

    • Thanks Shell! I will have to send you a set of the forest postcards (they are some of my favorite projects I’ve done). I am hoping to do more forest-inspired illustrations. The stickers are fun to decorate a water bottle or a laptop case. I am partial to that Africa Map because it has all of my African animals on it, and I’ve always wanted to see the Serengeti.

  • Awesome ideas!

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