Inspiration Wednesday: Art Crush

I have art crushes. More of a feeling of admiration and inspiration for other artists’ work.

Today, I want to introduce you to Aliona Bereghici.

Screenshot 2014-01-17 16.58.15

She is a freelance illustrator from Moldova. She has a degree from the Fine Arts University in Chisinau, Moldova.

map of Moldova

She works in traditional media (ink, pencil, watercolor, crayon, ink) and digital media.

Her illustrations have been used for children’s books markets, editorial, e–greetings, design, and promotional campaigns.

Screenshot 2014-01-17 16.58.29

Screenshot 2014-01-17 16.58.42

I first discovered her when I found her illustrated recipes on They Draw & Cook. I want to make biscotti, and I thought it might be fun to illustrate a recipe as I’m making it. I did a little research, and found her beautiful watercolor recipes.

illustrated recipe for biscotti

Her charming illustrations have such soft, beautiful color with bright pops of accent that pull you in, and make you want to see more.



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