Postcard Collecting

You may know that I collect postcards. I love to send them and receive them.

The first postcard I bought to start my collection was a postcard of the Hollywood sign. I was in Los Angeles back in 1991, and I really wanted to take a close–up picture of the giant letters, but I couldn’t get close enough. So I figured postcard photographers probably got a better shot that I could ever hope to get.

Hollywood postcardThen I started telling everyone I knew that I was collecting postcards, in hopes they would send me one on their travels. And here’s my current collection:

postcard collection

I have so many wonderful postcards from all over the world!postcard collection

postcard collection

Here’s my newest collection, all postcards from my sister over the past two years, which don’t fit in this cigar box anymore.


postcards from my sister

IMG_3174I don’t typically collect anything because I don’t like clutter or having too much stuff, but I really cherish these collections.

I’m hoping to turn some of my own photographs into postcards, which is great incentive to spend more time experimenting and improving my photography.

Do you collect anything?


5 thoughts on “Postcard Collecting

  1. Oh wow – you have soooo many postcards!!! It’s a great collection to have and I bet you get double the pleasure from reading the messages on the back and seeing the senders handwriting. I couldn’t really say that I collect anything nowadays. I always fear the danger is that if you say you collect something then you get inundated with every version of said item. My sister loves pigs but has an overwhelming (to me) amount of them. My Mam collects spoon rests which she hangs on her kitchen walls – they are from all over the world too. They are great fun to look at and ever so colourful and a real part of ‘home’ and childhood memories. I think it would be nice to collect something sometimes but I’ve not found anything that I felt inclined to. Shall I be really cheesy and say I collect happy memories! That’s a pretty good one don’t you think! I bet you could lose hours sifting through your lovely collection – thanks for sharing it with us.

    1. Thanks Shell! It really is a big collection, isn’t it. You’re right, some of the best parts are reading the messages and seeing the sender’s handwriting. I love looking at some of the postage stamps too. The nice things about collecting these postcards are that they are personal and don’t take up much space. (just a few boxes) I used to be adamant about keeping it in date order, but I’ve taken it apart so many times that it’s all mixed up now. And I keep my newest collection of postcards from you in a third box.

      I do have another box full of all the greeting cards I’ve received over the years. It’s overflowing so I recently started another box. I got that idea from my mom who saves all our letters and cards for re-reading when she’s really old.;)

  2. What a fantastic collection! Our souvenir shopping always includes a shot glass for the hubby, a spoon for my mom, and something I like to remind me of our travels for me (my collection ranges from paintings to mugs to decorative plates to whatever the area is known for…one of my favorites is the pair of wooden clogs from the Netherlands!)

    1. Thanks so much Jennie! This collection is one of my most favorite possessions. I used to love buying a souvenir coffee mug but I haven’t traveled in awhile. I also like to fill up some sketchbook pages from trips to remember the fun experiences. Love hearing about your collecting.

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