Weekly Snail Mail

Some of my outgoing snail mail lately, going to places like Minnesota, Ohio, California, Florida, northern England.

snail mail Jan 26 2014

outgoing snail mail

It’s been fun to receive a lot of incoming snail mail lately.

incoming snail mail

I love seeing such a colorful variety of postcards and notecards, including some notecards of my own designs.

incoming snail mail

Did you send or receive any letters this week?



  • Yes and yes πŸ™‚ lol

    What a great range of incoming and outgoing snail mail – don’t you just LOVE it!

    • Thanks Shell! I love sending AND receiving snail mail. It’s easy to come up with a thought or experience to share in the small space. And it’s like receiving a mini gift.

  • I’m looking for postcards–harder to find than I thought. So fun to receive.

    • Yes, Cindy, postcards are hard to find these days because not many people send them anymore. People would rather send a text or instant message. The thought behind those mediums only last seconds. But postcards have such a personal touch and experience. I have been ordering postcards from Etsy shops lately.

      • It has been more difficult than I thought too – I was quite disappointed by the selection available in town – I am hoping as the summer months approach and I venture further afield that I will find ones that I like more. Maybe it’s just because the ones that I have found are landmarks I see often so they don’t hold the same appeal to me – but as they are ‘new to you’ you will find them more interesting. Unfortunately the ones I find on Etsy are often shipped from the states which kinda defeats the object of sending picture postcards from where I live lol.

      • You make a good point, Shell. I need to send more local postcards so you can see what it looks like around here. And I need to take more pictures of things of interest here to share. I love the ones you’ve been sending because they show places I’ve never seen!

  • That should have been you will ‘hopefully’ find them more interesting πŸ™‚

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