7 thoughts on “Weekly Snail Mail

    1. Thanks Shell! I love sending AND receiving snail mail. It’s easy to come up with a thought or experience to share in the small space. And it’s like receiving a mini gift.

    1. Yes, Cindy, postcards are hard to find these days because not many people send them anymore. People would rather send a text or instant message. The thought behind those mediums only last seconds. But postcards have such a personal touch and experience. I have been ordering postcards from Etsy shops lately.

      1. It has been more difficult than I thought too – I was quite disappointed by the selection available in town – I am hoping as the summer months approach and I venture further afield that I will find ones that I like more. Maybe it’s just because the ones that I have found are landmarks I see often so they don’t hold the same appeal to me – but as they are ‘new to you’ you will find them more interesting. Unfortunately the ones I find on Etsy are often shipped from the states which kinda defeats the object of sending picture postcards from where I live lol.

      2. You make a good point, Shell. I need to send more local postcards so you can see what it looks like around here. And I need to take more pictures of things of interest here to share. I love the ones you’ve been sending because they show places I’ve never seen!

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