TGIF – Weekend Exploring

Yay, it’s Friday! Time to reflect on and appreciate things that happened over the past week, and share with you a new weekend postcard featuring one of my recent photos.

Weekend Postcard bunny

  • I’m thankful to my friends at the Genius Bar at the Apple store for taking good care of my computer. My hard drive crashed last weekend so they replaced it with a new one. It was fun rebuilding my computer from scratch. Really. I enjoy doing that.
  • Thank goodness I backup my hard drive regularly. I did lose a few things, which isn’t too bad.
  • It was SO nice to have two warm-ish sunny days earlier this week. I loved the spring teaser.
  • It was a treat to have an afternoon iced coffee on one of those warm-ish days.
  • It’s cool going to business meetings at coffee shops.
  • I’m excited to have three (3!) new illustrated map projects to do at work.
  • It’s always a relief to have a good annual check–up with my arthritis doctor.
  • I am excited for a new freelance project that involves licensed art!

Last weekend we managed to put together a bunch of kitty pictures in a collage frame, but we never made it to one of our favorite restaurants for cocktails and appetizers. And we never managed to get our giant world map framed. So I’m hoping we muster up the energy to do those things this weekend. I might also have to venture to the camera store to  look at some new lenses.

Happy Friday. Enjoy your weekend!


5 thoughts on “TGIF – Weekend Exploring

  1. Hi Terri! I finally have taken the plunge back into blogland and am amazed at how much you have accomplished! I love hearing about your design work and am equally excited about some iced coffee as well. 🙂
    Hope you have a great weekend!!

    1. Great to hear from you Staci! Welcome back to blogland. Yes, lots of fun design work happening around here these days. Hope you are enjoying a great weekend too!

  2. Hello Terri,

    Your photo of the snow has cooled me down, we are having 39C again today. Glad to see you are getting lots of work involving your love of maps.

    Have a great week.

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