Free Printables: Field Guide Bookmarks

It’s no secret that I love nature, being outside, soaking up sunshine and fresh air, watching wildlife, looking for wild treasures. So naturally (ha!) nature provides great inspiration for my art.

Today I’m excited to share free printables with you:

Field Guide Bookmarks featuring my Cardinal, Robin, and Grackle illustrations.

These are inspired by the field guide art booklets I created with my nature illustrations.  The back side has a collage of leaves and seed pods I’ve illustrated.

Click here to download the PDF. Here’s how you can make your own set of bookmarks:


Print the two pages on cardstock. Trim the bookmarks to 2″ wide by 6″ tall.bookmark making supplies

Put double-sided tape on one side, peel the paper backing off, and align the other side on top.taping bookmarks together

Finger press to seal the adhesive.robin bookmark

I know more people are reading digital books on their tablets these days. But who doesn’t still love the smell and feel of an analog book?! This book has renewed my desire to read so it’s great having a new bookmark. In fact I can’t put this book down! (Stop by tomorrow for more on that book.)

bookmarks and books

Happy reading!



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