Inspiration Wednesday: Art Crush

I have art crushes. More of a feeling of admiration and inspiration for other artists’ work.

Today, I want to introduce you to Janice MacLeod.

Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 8.46.41 PM

She just released a book called The Paris Letters, a memoir about her career burnout at a copywriting job at an advertising agency in Los Angeles. She spent a year figuring out how to pare down her possessions so she could fit her life into one suitcase, and save enough money to quit her job and travel the world. She ended up settling down in Paris where she illustrated letters about life in Paris, which she sold subscriptions to and mailed all over the world. Here are samples of some of her illustrated letters, included in her book:

Paris Letters cover

Paris Letters inside front cover

Paris Letters inside back cover

Paris Letters back cover

Her letters are illustrated with a small set of watercolors and handwritten. You can buy a single letter or a subscription to her letters at her Etsy shop. After I ordered her book, I ordered one of her letters to see if it was as fabulous as I thought it might be. Yes, it really is fabulous!

Paris Letter

note from Janice

I first discovered her when I was looking at my Instagram feed, and saw a picture Nicole Robertson shared of Janice’s new book. I loved the cover illustration, so I did some investigating, and became drawn to Janice’s story. Her writing is so fabulous that she has pulled me in. This is the first book I’ve made the time to read in a year (in my defense, I was a little busy last year with school and three jobs). In fact, I can’t put it down!

I love the concept behind her success. I love her writing style. I love her story. I love her illustrations. It’s so exciting and inspiring to learn about this story and own one of these wonderful illustrated letters.


PS – By the way, according to my WordPress stats, this post will be my 1,000th post! Wowza, that’s a lot of blogging since 2007! I love this new creative direction I’m heading in so thank you for stopping by. Stay tuned for a recap of the past 7 years of blogging…


  • Hi Terri! Congratulations – you have reach a remarkable blog-stop! I hope you will write still many many posts!
    I have seen Janice’s Paris letters in etsy and I adore her work! I didn’t know about the book which looks amazing! x Teje

    • Thanks so much Teje. It’s pretty awesome to have 1,000 posts behind me. I started blogging in Nov. 2007, so it’s been a long road. But I’m pretty happy with the newer direction and content I’ve been working on.

      That Paris book is SO good! I love it. I will probably finish it by the end of the week. I want to send an illustrated letter back to Janice in Paris just for fun. And of course, now I really want to go to Paris and learn French 😉

  • Congratulations on your milestone – a brilliant achievement. The book looks wonderful – a place to get lost in and while away the hours day-dreaming with the writing and images inside – it would certainly get my imagination flowing. Thank you for sharing – I think it might be my book purchase for next month – I have only just treat myself to Andrea Joseph’s book this month ( I am eagerly awaiting it’s arrival as I do admire her artwork so). How wonderful to also have an illustrated letter from Janice – it kinda makes me think – now why don’t I send letters like that.…. Oh to have the talent and the Parisian scenery 😉 Congratulations again on your 1,000th post – your blog has changed greatly in the time I have been following you so it will be fun to see your recap of the past 7 years!

    • Thanks so much Shell! I’m not sure how I will recap 7 years of blogging, but I’m determined to do it. (I have a hard time looking back.)

      I am almost finished with the Paris Letters book already. It really is a wonderful story, so I hope you get a chance to read it too. I have been wondering the same thing – why don’t I send letters like this with my own twist. I don’t have the Parisian scenery but maybe something else from my own perspective could be as appealing.

      • It would certainly be as appealing – I try to do it with my postcards – I’m just not so great at drawing real life but as they say – practise is the key 🙂

      • I love receiving your hand-drawn postcards! So cool to have some of your one-of-a-kind artwork via snail mail.

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