Whale Watching Map

I’m so excited to show you my newest illustration which I entered into the latest Spoonflower weekly design contest. I would love it if you voted for me! Spoonflower cofounder Stephen Fraser is predicting that whales are going to be huge in 2014, so this week’s contest theme is Whales. All designs have to use a restricted palette, shown below. Spoonflower Whales Palette Previews will be shown at 21″ x 18″ which is a great size to fill a design. Normally, these contests are looking for repeat patterns, but I decided to do something different by designing a whale watching map, featuring Humpback Whales, Sperm Whales, Killer Whales – all famous for whale watching adventures. You always need a fun map to navigate your world travels. I think this map would make a great panel for a tote bag, center piece for a tablecloth, or a wall hanging. Whale Watching MapIt took me about 8 hours total from start to finish, so I thought it might be fun to share my illustration and map-making process with you:

  • First I drew a world map and added the background color.
  • Then I added a nautical compass.
  • Then I drew some jumping whales and tale shapes.
  • I got carried away researching whales, so I had to draw a few whales for the legend at the bottom.
  • I decided I needed some seashell markers to show the best places on the map for these whale sightings.
  • I tried a few different titles and frames, and came to the one you see here with a sort of vintage sign feel with the swirly scallop / clam shell shape.
  • I added a few other icons like the seagull, whale-watching boat and dolphin to enhance the theme.
  • I experimented with a couple different borders, including stripes and flags, but ended up with this simple border of alternating colors.

I would love it if you took a moment to vote for my Whale Watching Map design. There are a lot of entries so just keep scrolling till you find my map design. I’m experimenting with a new color palette that is more speaks more to the natural colors of the oceans and sea life, so stay tuned for more on this. Thank you!



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