Community Maps

I love to illustrate maps. That’s no secret. I love the meticulous details of getting the street grid laid down, and then adding color and drawing icons to tell the story.

I’m lucky that I get to illustrate maps for my current job. These two community maps are some of my favorites because they are chock–full of fun icons that tell a story. They are a good way to show possible tenants what there is to do in the neighborhood surrounding an apartment complex, things like where is the nearest cafe or grocery store or brew pub or bike trails.

Tribeca Community Map

West End Community Map

These maps are a little more simple, showing the overall property and building footprints. They are a good way to navigate to the property and within the multi-building complex.

Map Briarwood

Map Yahara Landing

I also did a map for guests to use to navigate the food stations at an open house. This one was the size of a palm card or rack card at 8.5″ wide x 4″ high, which made it easy to carry under a plate full of food.

Illustrating maps is one of those activities where I lose track of time when immersed in it. I’m addicted, so I’m lucky I get to do these for work and for fun.

I’m looking forward to doing more maps as a freelance commission. Let me know if you’re interested in having a map done, whether it’s of your own neighborhood, your city or your bucket list of travel destinations. You can see more of my illustrated maps by clicking here.


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