Custom Notecards For My Mom

My mom writes a lot of letters so I thought she might like having her own personalized set of stationery for Mother’s Day.

My mom is a Master Gardener so she loves gardening, plants and flowers, especially working in the dirt and taking care of them. I illustrated a bouquet of fresh cut flowers especially for a custom set of notecards for her.

custom greeting card

I printed her greeting cards on French Paper Speckletone cardstock in Madero Beach color with matching envelopes.

set of custom notecards

I gave her a set of 16 cards which should last month or two.

set of custom notecards

I also included a set of round envelope-seal stickers using flowers from the bouquet.

custom notecards and stickers

It was great fun designing this project as a surprise for my mom for Mother’s Day. It made me happy to see her happy to receive a set of notecards personalized just for her. Something practical and useful and pretty!


PS – I really love doing custom illustrations like this, personalized to match someone’s interests, so contact me if you’re interested in having a set of your own custom greeting cards or gifting a set.


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