Home Office Rule No. 4: Dress Code

As I prepare to take on more freelance design work and set up my home office, I have been getting the home office organized and ready for business. Since it’s my office and my design business, I decided to have some fun and make my own home office rules, benefits, perks and incentives.

Home Office Rule No. 4: Dress code

The most important point for this rule is to be yourself, and not feel like you have to conform to someone else’s standards. When you’re doing research, brainstorming, sketching, or designing, wear jeans, concert tees, flip flops, Chucks. (my personal favorite things to wear) Dress up. Wear a skirt if you feel like it. Put streaks of color in your hair. Color your hair bright pink.  Be comfortable. No sweatpants or yoga pants, please. Around here, we refer to them as the “I’ve given up” pants.

jeans concert tee and flip flops

home office rules dress code

However, there’s a caveat. When you have to meet with a client, dress to impress!

Some offices have rules like hours, dress code, music, pets, contests and more, so I’m making a fun list of rules and benefits for my very own office, but more like concepts or an atmosphere that encourages creativity and individuality. I want the home office to be as creative environment as possible. Stay tuned over the next few weeks for more fun rules!


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