Grand Opening Day

I’m so excited to report that my new home office is officially open! Click here to check out a sample of the work being designed in my new graphic design and illustration studio, TAW Designs llc.

Logo TAW designs llc

I’m already busy designing logos, business cards, letterhead, brochures, newsletters, illustrated maps, postcards, signs, illustrations, licensed art, surface patterns for fabric and paper goods, websites, party invitations, custom greeting cards and more for a variety of clients. Whew, it’s great fun!

New clients are always welcome, so contact me if you need any graphic design or illustration work done. I’ve got a fun bonus program to share for referrals. Happy Grand Opening Day!



  • Congratulations on your grand opening – your website and shop look fantastic. Wishing you every success – Shell

    • Thanks so much Shell! I really appreciate that! It’s really exciting and scary in the same breath. Thankfully I have a nice portfolio of clients to keep the momentum going.

  • Congratulations dear Terri! I’m so happy and proud of you and wish all the best for your business! You are so talented and creative that your work will be huge succee! Hugs1 x Teje

    • Thanks so much, Teje, for your good cheer! Your support and encouragement mean a lot to me. It’s been quite fun so far, so I hope to keep the business going and growing.

  • Elizabeth - Lili and Mum's

    I’m excited for you! From all the work I’ve seen of yours, I know you will be a success. 🙂

  • Congrats! It’s been fun following your journey!

    • Thanks Sherri! It’s been great having a variety of clients to keep my busy, and a growing list of ideas for personal projects to work on too.

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