Home Office Rule No. 6: Learn Something New Each Week

My home office / new graphic design studio is officially open for business, so it’s fun to continue to share my home office rules, benefits, perks and incentives.

Home Office Rule No. 6: Learn Something New Each Week

Learning and development are very important and valued in this office. It takes effort to be proactive and continue learning to stay fresh in your field. My home office encourages everyone to spend at least an hour each week to learn something new. We especially love to learn geeky new techniques. We also love to share our new knowledge over lunch or coffee breaks.

Quote You learn something

Online classes and tutorials can be found everywhere. Here are a few of my favorite places to go to learn something new:

Youtube – offers millions of videos, so of course, you just have to search for a technique you want to learn.

Skillshare – offers project–based classes for real–world skills such as business, design, fashion, film, video, music, photography and technology. I’ve taken many classes through Skillshare, such as calligraphy, hand–lettering, creating art from doodles, making icons, organizing information into infographics, and more.

Wacom – I have a digital drawing tablet so I often find great trips, tricks and tutorials on Wacom’s website.

TutsPlus – offers classes in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, traditional illustration skills, photography skills, web design, and HTML and CSS coding. I’ve taken a lot of free and paid tutorials on Illustrator and Photoshop to learn techniques that I still use everyday.

Lynda.com – offers video tutorials for software, creative and business skills. I’ve taken a few HTML, CSS and WordPress.org classes on this site that were very helpful.

If you belong to a co–working space, they often offer classes, training, lunch and learns and bring in speakers.

I know there are many more sources for day–to–day learning. I’d love to hear how you stay current and keep learning.

Some offices have rules like hours, dress code, music, pets, contests and more, so I’m making a fun list of rules and benefits for my very own office, but more like concepts or an atmosphere that encourages creativity and individuality. I want the home office to be as creative environment as possible. Stay tuned for more fun rules and benefits!


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