Inspiration Wednesday: Katie Daisy

The inspiring artist I want to share with you today is Katie Daisy, an artist, illustrator and hand-letterer currently living in Bend, Oregon. She went to art school and has lived in Minnesota, North Carolina and Oregon over the past few years, locations which provide a great wealth and variety of artistic inspiration and food for the soul.

katie daisy print

I first learned about her when I saw her beautifully illustrated quote prints in her Etsy shop The Wheatfield. I immediately bought this print “Live in the Sunshine…” in a large size, framed it and hung it on the wall over my computer screen. It spoke to me, the saying , the sentiment, the hand-lettering, the colors, the sunshine, the water, the flourishes, the flowers and seaweed fauna.

katie daisy print

Katie gets her inspiration from vegetables, herbs, animals, weather, astronomy, trees, wildflowers, the sea, the woods, fields, quotes and more.

I love her hand-drawn letters surrounded by beautiful illustrations, sometimes a scene, other times vines, leaves, petals, flowers, and doodles. Such great interpretations of the natural world.

katie daisy print

She has developed a distinctive alphabet throughout her work, giving her a unique and recognizable style that I love.

katie daisy alphabet

images from The Wheatfield Etsy shop by Katie Daisy

I also love how colorful some of her illustrations are and dreamy other pieces are. I love that you can see all the brush strokes, which reminds me of advice I received from one of my illustration instructors: “Make every stroke count.”

Hope you are finding some inspiration today.



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