First Weekend of Summer

Yippee for the official first weekend of summer! I was lucky enough to be able to spend the weekend at my parents’ cottage on the lake. The weather wasn’t very summery the first couple days but we managed to have fun anyway, with some kayaking, bird-watching and hiking in the woods.

kayaks in door county

gull on the dock

gull in the water

loons in Garrett Bay

tree stump terranium

tree roots

tree roots

poppy in Door County

The kick-off of summer meant the Fyr Bal Festival in Ephraim, where the city sets up a few bonfires on the beach to symbolize burning the winter witch and welcome summer. After the bonfires die down, they put on a great fireworks show over the water.

Fyr Ball bonfires

Fyr Ball fireworks

fireworks in ephraim

Hope you enjoyed your first weekend of summer!



3 thoughts on “First Weekend of Summer

  1. These are amazing pictures! I would love to be at the lake somewhere, or the ocean, and have some grey, drizzling days. That sounds most fabulous right now. P.S. There is still a kayak at the cabins we used to own with my name on it (Cindy Lou), which is funny because although I actually went across the lake twice, it kinda freaked me out. I like looking at water much more than actually being ON the water…

    1. Thanks Cindy! I really love looking at the water AND being ON the water. It can be so relaxing and peaceful. Luckily my parents have a couple kayaks we can use anytime.

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