Inspiration Wednesday: From My Own Sketchbook Pages

I love going from one big licensed art project to the next, but it’s nice to be in between illustration projects for a few days. I’ve had the time and inspiration lately to work on some random doodles in my sketchbook.

sketchbook swirls on a fretSometimes I leave the first page of my sketchbooks blank because it seems to give me a creative block, so I doodled the above random swirl and added a grid behind it, inspired by a guitar fret.

sketchbook vine leavesswirls and leaves inspired by wallpaper in the background of a music video

sketchbook swirlsrandom swirl doodling during a movie

sketchbook shore birdsThese two pages are inspired by shorelines where I love to sit and watch nature. For some reason I love drawing those little shoreline birds, beach grass and shells.

sketchbook shoreline

This next page is called Face Your Fears because I really hate flies so I drew one and then I got carried away and drew a bunch of other bugs too. Why not!

sketchbook bugs

It’s a great feeling to have a variety of ideas to explore in my sketchbook, from abstract to realistic. The next challenge is to decide if I want to pursue any of these pages into something more, such as an illustration for stationery or maybe a surface pattern for fabric. Hope you’re on the look–out for inspiration these days.


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