Home Office Perk No. 9: Pets Are Allowed.

My home office / new graphic design studio has been officially open for business for over a month, so it’s fun to continue to share my home office rules, benefits, perks and incentives that contribute to a better work environment and creative space. The culture of a workplace is so important, so it’s nice to have some say in creating that culture.

Home Office Perk No. 9: Pets Are Allowed.

Bring your pet to work! Pets are allowed in my home office as long as they are under 30 lbs. They must be potty trained. And no fighting please.

I used to work in a community that encouraged people to bring their pets to work and other public offices. Pet owners l.o.v.e. their fur babies, so it’s fun to be able to take them to the office to keep you company.

callie's belly

Meet my office assistant, Callie the cat, who has a reputation for being quite a slacker. She is also the receptionist, there to greet clients and guests. Seriously, she makes a great companion, checking on me throughout the day, in between her cat naps.

callie the cat

Some offices have rules like hours, dress code, music, pets, contests and more, so I’ve made a fun list of rules and benefits for my very own office, but more like concepts or an atmosphere that encourages creativity and individuality. I want the home office to be a creative, challenging, fun and open culture as possible. Stay tuned for more fun rules and benefits!


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Click here to see Perk No. 3: Sketching Kits on the house, which is more of a benefit.

Click here to see Perk No. 2: Coffee on the house.

Click here to see Rule No. 1: Fresh cut flowers every week.


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