Home Office Perk No. 12: Interns Will Be Paid

My home office / new graphic design studio has been officially open for business for almost two months now, so it’s fun to continue to share the rules, benefits, perks and incentives that contribute to a better work environment and creative space. The culture of a workplace is so important, so it’s nice to have some say in creating that culture.

Home Office Perk No. 12: Interns Will Be Paid

During the summer before my final semester in graphic design and illustration school and portfolio, I worked at two internships – one at the Madison Children’s Museum and the other at Sapling Events, an event-planner for UX conferences. Both gave me great experience but only one of them paid at the end of the term. It’s common in the area of the country where I live that internships are unpaid. And it’s hard to get a job without any experience, so internships are important.

season doodles

When my graphic design studio gets too busy for me to handle to the point that I need to hire an intern or assistant, I want to pay them a salary. They will bring skills to the job so I feel strongly that it’s important to pay someone for the work they are doing.

Some offices have rules like hours, dress code, music, pets, contests and more, so I’ve made a fun list of rules and benefits for my very own office, but more like concepts or an atmosphere that encourages creativity and individuality. I want the home office to be creative, challenging, fun and open. Stay tuned for more fun rules and benefits!


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Click here to see Rule No. 6: Learn something new each week.

Click here to see Rule No. 5: Music.

Click here to see Rule No. 4: Dress Code.

Click here to see Perk No. 3: Sketching Kits on the house, which is more of a benefit.

Click here to see Perk No. 2: Coffee on the house.

Click here to see Rule No. 1: Fresh cut flowers every week.


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