Free Printable August 2014 Calendar

Welcome to August. This is the month when people start thinking about back-to-school season and then remember that it’s still summer. I’m really enjoying summer, although I wish it was a little warmer around here. I’m hoping to make time in August to go to the beach, visit my parents’ lake cottage again, go for more bike rides, go to the farmers market a few more times, and plant some late summer flowers.

Click here to download your free printable calendar for August 2014, which features my Monarch butterfly illustrations. They sure are a majestic creature, aren’t they. Did you know it takes several generations of monarch butterflies to migrate from their winter habitats in central Mexico to the upper Midwest for the warmer summer months? I’ve seen a few monarchs in our yard and at my parents’ lake cottage, visiting the coneflowers, phlox and weigela blossoms.

August 2014 calendar download

I left room on the calendar days so you can record meetings, appointments or special days. And there’s a column on the right side to keep your notes and to-do list for the month.

Hope you find these free printables useful and fun. Happy July! Hope you’re out enjoying your summer.


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