Home Office Perk No. 14: Incentives and Bonuses

My home office / new graphic design studio has been officially open for business for over two months, so it’s fun to continue to share the rules, benefits, perks and incentives that contribute to a better work environment and creative space. The culture of a workplace is important, so it’s nice to have some say in creating that culture.

Home Office Perk No. 14: Incentives and Bonuses

We are going to offer a variety of incentives and bonuses my home office to challenge people to bring in clients to the business and to produce the best work they can. One of the bonuses will be awarded to a designer who submits a first draft of a design to a client that comes back with no changes. That hardly ever happens, so when it does, you know you’ve made a connection.

For example, when I submitted my sketches and final digital designs for my swirly ornaments licensed art collection to my rep at Nancy’s Notions, she responded with no changes and final approval. Woohoo, happy dance!

sketchbook ornaments with pine bough

The bonus will be a $25 gift card to the Blicks Art Supply store.

sketchbook ornaments trio

Some offices have rules and perks like hours, dress code, music, pets, contests and more, so I’m continuing to share a fun list of rules and benefits for my very own office. They are more like concepts or an atmosphere that encourage creativity and individuality. I want the home office to be creative, challenging, fun and open. Stay tuned for more fun rules and benefits!


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