Surface Pattern Design Summer School: Part 2

I’ve been taking a summer surface design course sponsored by Make It In Design. Every two weeks participants are given a brief that outlines the theme and provides some inspiration and examples of uses for the surface designs.

The second set of briefs were Tribal Shapes, Animal Prints and Tribal Collage, so I worked on all three briefs for this challenge.

Surface Design No. 1: Tribal Shapes using an earth tone palette in 2 colorways

Tribal Shapes


Surface Design No. 2: Animal Prints using that same earth tone palette, which I really love. I reworked a set of animal prints I designed in the past, fixed the seamless repeat, and I’m so much happier with them now.Tribal - Animal Prints

Surface Design No. 3: Tribal Collage using that same earth tone palette

I whipped up a couple simple mocks up using some of my prints on a set of throw pillows and storage boxes.

And a couple quickie tote bags too.

So far this course has been great practice in coming up with ideas based on a theme and following a design brief as well as designing surface patterns. There’s one more session left in this summer school course, which will be distributed next week.



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