Licensed Art: Christmas Catchphrases

My second collection of licensed art collection of illustrations with Nancy’s Notions and Amazing Designs was released this week. It’s called Christmas Catchphrases, and includes 25 designs centered around a cheeky Christmas theme.

Licensed Art Christmas Catchphrases

Licensed Art Christmas Catchphrases

The illustrations are digitized into embroidery designs that are put onto a CD for you to load into your computer. You can adjust the size and colors of the design before saving and uploading to your embroidery machine. These designs are intended to be stitched onto kitchen accessories, sweatshirts, totes and more. How fun to have kitchen towels or table linens with these jolly Christmas sayings and designs!

Licensed Art Christmas Catchphrases mockups Licensed Art Christmas Catchphrases mockups

You may recall the story I told you about first meeting my rep at my portfolio show last December, and then connecting with her earlier this year to work on this collection. She provided the concepts and I sketched out ideas in my sketchbook before going digital. Here are a couple scans from my sketchbook. During the digital process, I ended up adding a lot more details, highlights and shading.

Christmas sketchbook page

Christmas sketchbook page

Christmas sketchbook page

Christmas sketchbook page

The collection is full of Christmas characters and symbols including Santa Claus, reindeer, snowmen, holly, candy canes, stocking, presents and many more. Here are a few examples of some of my favorites from the collection:

3-Be.Naughty 4-Believe 8-Be.Merry 15-Jingle 16-Joy

I finished two more collections in the summer couple months that are currently being digitized to embroidery designs for the Christmas season. They should be ready for release in October and November, so stay tuned for an update.



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