Notes From the Weekend: At the Greenhouse

I spent a couple days last week helping at the greenhouse where my mom works. They had 20,000 Easter lilies that needed to be planted in 2 days. Yes, 20,000!

planting Easter lilies

Put a handful of soil into the container, place the lily bulb in the container with the tip facing up, fill with soil, place five containers into a flat and move to a palette. Repeat!
planting Easter lilies

There were 10 of us planting non-stop, along with two other people helping replenish our supplies and moving the palettes of lilies into the coolers.

After we finished planting 20,000 Easter lilies, we planted spring tulips and daffodils for a few hours.

planting tulips

On breaks, I wandered around the greenhouse, admiring all they do, especially the fresh-cut room full of lovelies.

greenhouse cut flowers greenhouse bouquetIt was an exhausting couple days, so it took me a day to recover. And then I was ready to plant more bulbs in our own yard, this time daffodils and anemones.

planting daffodil bulbs

We’ve enjoyed some beautiful fall days lately so we’ve been tending to our gardens and soaking up as much sunshine and fresh air as possible.

beautiful fall backyardWhat a fulfilling weekend!


2 thoughts on “Notes From the Weekend: At the Greenhouse

  1. Hello Terri,
    20,000 bulbs, makes you realise all the work that goes into gardening before it gets to your place. Good luck with your bulbs. Working amongst those blooms must have been wonderful perfume wise.

    Happy days.

    1. Thanks Bev! Yes, it was a great education on where forced bulbs come from when you buy them at the store. I gained a new appreciation for all the prep work that goes into them. Since they were still in bulb state, all I could smell for two days was soil! So it was fun to walk around the rest of the greenhouse to see all the greenery and fresh-cut flowers.

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