Licensed Art: Iridescent Christmas Ornaments

My third collection of licensed art collection of illustrations with Nancy’s Notions and Amazing Designs was released over the weekend! It’s called Iridescent Christmas Ornaments, and includes 30 designs of Christmas ornaments in classic shapes decorated with lovely flourishes and swirls.

licensed art: iridescent ornamentslicensed art: iridescent ornaments

The illustrations are digitized into embroidery designs that are put onto a CD for you to load into your computer. You can adjust the size and colors of the design before saving and uploading to your embroidery machine.

For this collection, the stitcher uses mylar tissue that shows through the embroidery stitches for a sparkle effect—opal mylar tissue provides an opalescent effect with hints of a rainbow of colors while opaque colored mylar tissue offers a bold and beautiful metallic result. Much like an automatic applique, the first color stitched gives  an outline where to place the mylar tissue. With the next color, the mylar tissue is embroidered in place and outlined; the excess mylar tissue is removed by tearing it away—the outline perforates the mylar. The remaining colors add subtle accents as well as veins and stem details. If embroidered without mylar tissue, the base fabric will show through creating a light density look, for a softened effect.

licensed art: iridescent ornaments licensed art: iridescent ornaments

Nancy’s Notions mocked up some beautiful examples!

licensed art: iridescent ornaments

I first met my rep at my portfolio show last December, and then connected with her earlier this year to work on licensed art embroidery collections for Nancy’s Notions. She provides the concepts and I sketched out ideas in my sketchbook before going digital. Here are a couple scans from my sketchbook. During the digital process, I ended up adding a lot more details, highlights and shading.

ornament sketchesornament sketchesornament sketches

It’s so fun to see my artwork turned into such beautiful projects!



  • Congratulations Terri on your third set for Nancy’s Notions!!! Makes me wish for an embroidery machine. I am really loving the Christmas ornaments. Thanks for sharing your process from sketchbook to digital.

    • Thanks so much Rene’! I really loved illustrating this collection, so it’s nice to see the final product. I have one more new collection to share this week, which I think you’ll like.

  • Hello Terri,

    Congratulations, lots of happy dancing going on there I bet.

    They have stitched out beautifully thanks to your great designing.

    Happy days.

    • Hi Bev. Thanks so much! Yes, we are definitely doing a happy dance with joy over my new collections. I love the examples they stitched up to show the artwork. xo

  • cindy-liveacolorfullife

    These are such fabulous designs! I wish I had an embroidery machine. I wish my friend would let me use HER embroidery machine. 🙂

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