Wall Art Patchwork Collage

I’ve been taking the Make Art That Sells course with Lilla Rogers lately, which is a five-week e-course that gives artists everything they need to know to make and sell commercially-viable art in the hottest markets, such as bolt fabric, home decor, children’s books, wall art, gift, and more.

I am excited to share with you my final wall art collage I designed for Week 4. The challenge was to create a wall art collage for a client such as Anthropologie or Urban Outfitters.

collage wall art

I thought this project was going to be difficult for me because I’ve never been a fan of abstract art or collage. But some of the advice Lilla gave us was to make something we would hang on our own wall or gift to a friend. “Art made for yourself is usually your best work.” And then I had my lightbulb moment – I love random patchwork!

stitched dream

I started out with a quilt sandwich with canvas fabric and batting which gave me a heavy duty piece to work on.

canvas backing

After collecting bits and pieces of ephemera for a couple days, I thought about the mixed-media artists who inspire me and have helped influence my likes, dislikes, techniques and styles. I also thought about a couple people in my life who might hang a wall art collage made by me.

handwriting closeup

We had to stick to a narrow color palette that was randomly assigned. I got red and pink so I threw in some neutrals to give your eyes a place to rest. Red and pink can be pretty girly so I used black thread for the free stitching to grunge it up a bit.

stitching the dream letters

My favorite parts of this process were the free-motion stitching, hand lettering on fabric and piecing all the alternative materials together using thread as my glue. (I’m not a fan of glue.)

free stitching dream

For this project, I mostly used solid fabrics, fabric swatches of my own red and pink designs printed by Spoonflower, and textures I created by hand-lettering on fabric and painting on watercolor paper. I would love to make more patchwork collages like this with so I would skip gathering bits and pieces of stuff and paint my own canvas fabric with doodles, splatters and designs to cut up and collage together with free stitching.



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