Designing A Journal Cover

I’m taking an online course to build up my design portfolio of licensed art. Our first project for January was to draw Edwardian brooches and design a journal cover with that theme in mind. Besides the brooches, I was also inspired by cameos, lace, lace doilies and Coco Chanel, all from the Edwardian era!

Edwardian Journal Cover

I thought it would be fun to share my process with you today:

I considered doing jeweled brooches so I drew some examples in my sketchbook.

sketchbook brooches

Then I considered insect brooches so I drew some more.
sketchbook butterfly brooches sketchbook insect brooches

Then I remembered how much I love cameos so I started drawing fancy frames and cameo women.

sketchbook fancy frames

sketchbook cameos

After a little more research on cameos and Edwardian women, I came across a cool photo of Coco Chanel from the early 1900s along with lots of great quotes from her. And then my concept came together! I knew the exact color palette I wanted to work with – a velvety plum with tints and shades for contrast.

I couldn’t resist designing a couple more mock-ups for a cell phone case and a zipper pouch.

Edwardian journal setThis was a fun project outside my usual concepts, which has since led to new ideas in development.



  • Elizabeth - Lili and Mum's

    Love this theme! Your broaches are really pretty. I like the finished journal cover too. Great job! You’re really coming along well in drawing.

  • cindy-liveacolorfullife

    These are so pretty! I would love a jeweled dragonfly brooch. Your journal cover is really beautiful.

    • Thanks so much Cindy! I have to admit I’m so happy with how my final journal cover design turned out – exactly how I imagined it! I actually have a jeweled daddy long-legs brooch – it’s quite awesome.

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