Hand Lettered Friday: Wear Dresses

I’ve been trying to practice my hand-lettering more lately, traditionally and with my digital drawing tablet, so I hoping to share hand-lettered pages from my sketchbook and computer on Fridays.

On my bucket list for 2015 is to wear dresses more often! I don’t own a lot of dresses (yet!) so I doodled a variety of styles around my lettering, and graffiti-splattered the page with pops of watercolors.

sketchbook page wear dresses

It might be fun to do an illustration like this for each of the fun things on my bucket list for the year.

Hope you enjoy a great weekend!



  • I like to change things up a bit and throw on a dress every once in a while. Nice feeling even though I prefer my blue jeans most days. Love your dress sketches! Makes me wish I could sew clothes a little more.

    • Thanks Rene’! I am hoping to sew more clothes this year too. I don’t get out as much as I’d like, so I love to get dressed up more often. I do still love my blue jeans too 😉

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