Sew Sisters Quilting Bee: March Block

Welcome to March, sewing and quilting friends!


My month for my Sew Sisters Quilting Bee is March, so I’m asking my partners to make a Scrappy Bear Paw Block sorta like this one, using any bright solid and a variety of bright prints from their stash.

Scrappy Bear Paw block

The final block will measure about 28″ to 28.5″ to 28.75″ square, give or take. I’m not too picky.


Bright Solid(s): Cut 16 – 4½” squares; Cut 8 – 5” squares (no white or cream)

Variety of prints: Cut 17 – 4½” squares; Cut 8-  5” squares

To make half square triangles: (Finished HST units should measure 4½” squares)

1. Lay a solid and print right sides together. Draw a diagonal line from corner to corner.

2. Sew ¼” away from that center line. Turn around and sew ¼” away from the center line on the other side.

If you have a Quick Quarter Ruler (pictured below), draw two sewing lines ¼” away from the center and then sew on those pencil lines.

using a quilters quarter ruler

sewing a half square triangle

3. Cut down the center diagonal line.

cut in half to make a half square triangle

4. Press seam allowance to the solid fabric.

a pair of half square triangles

5. Now you have 2 half square triangles that need to be squared up. Place the diagonal line of a quilters ruler on the diagonal seam line of the HST. Make sure the left side and the bottom edge are lined up to 4½”. The left edge and the bottom edge will remain; trim the top edge and the right edge.

I didn’t take as many pictures as I should have for this tutorial, so click here for a good pictorial tutorial on making HSTs.

Block assembly:

1. Layout out your pieces in the order shown here.

pieces for a scrappy bear paw block

2. Sew each row together.

3. Sew rows together.

4. Press.

Click here, here, here and here for more inspiration for making this block. And check out our Flickr group for updates.

Happy sewing!



  • What a lovely block and it’ll look so neat when your bee-mates make more with other vibrant background solids.

  • Hello Terri,

    Love the aqua colour you have used for the background, it really does make the other colours show up so well. Have fun with your blocks. Love the name of your group, it sounds so friendly.

    Happy days.

    • Thanks Bev! It’s nice to be sewing quilt blocks again, especially with friends. I’m excited to see all the colorful blocks everyone makes.

  • cindy-liveacolorfullife

    I had a really good time making this block. Still worried that having two orange blocks in your quilt will be too much…

    • Thanks so much for making a big block for me. Don’t worry about there being two orange blocks in this quilt. The oranges are different, and who can ever have enough orange anyway, right?! Just you wait and see – it’s going to be fabulous with all your blocks together.

  • This is so awesome. I might have to do this asap. I am so over using white and gray as background fabrics.

    • Thanks so much, Laurie! I hate to admit that I’m kinda over the white fabrics for background. Since I love smashing bold colors and prints together, I thought this would be a great way to go crazy with my sewing friends to help. I can’t wait to see how all these blocks look next to each other.

  • I had no idea to make this bear paw in scrappy prints but love the photo and will definitely make some today Thanks for posting this. Love the colors in the photo. Very pretty.

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