Notes From the Garden: Spring Treasures

We are starting to see more and more signs of spring around here. This week we have new daffodils blooming and buds s.l.o.w.l.y. starting to open on some of our vines, shrubs and trees.

first daffodil of spring

spring greens

Sometimes you have to look closely to find treasures in the wild.

vinca vines

buds on crab apple tree

skull in backyard

look – a small skull! how cool is that!
bird skull found in backyard ducks in backyard

look – a mallard couple, probably stopping by to ask for directions to the nearest pond!

We finished all our spring clean-up chores, so now I’m ready to plant some spring pansies and spruce up our patio with a few flowering containers and baskets.

It’s such a fun time of year to start exploring our backyard again! You never know what treasures you’re going to find.



6 thoughts on “Notes From the Garden: Spring Treasures

  1. Hello Terri,

    The last photo of the skull is amazing. Love the daffodils, they are a sign of Spring for sure, have fun planting out the flowers.

    Happy gardening.

    1. Thanks so much Bev! Isn’t that skull the coolest thing? It’s pretty small (about 2″ long) so I can’t believe I found it in our yard on Saturday. I’m excited to spend more time digging in the dirt to plant spring flowers.

  2. Neat pictures, especially the skull! However, I think it is a small rodent skull, like a mouse, squirrel, or chipmunk, as birds don’t have teeth, especially molars, and the beak would be intact with the skull from my experience. Still a really cool find!

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! I was thinking it might be a bid skull because it has a beak and big eye sockets. I didn’t know rodents’ skulls had such a beak shape at the nose like this one appears to have. Weird and fun thing to find, whatever it is.

    1. Thanks Rachelle! I think you might be right – the skull might be of a rabbit instead of a bird. Weird thing to find in our yard!

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