DIY: Yoga Matt Sewing Pattern

I decided to update my collection of sewing patterns! First up is my Yoga Matt pattern, which prints as a 3-page PDF. Click here to purchase the pattern. (Update: I recently moved all of my sewing patterns to my Etsy shop.)

Yoga Matt pattern

I was originally inspired to make my own Yoga Matt several years ago because I love to lay in the grass and chill out on a warm, sunny day. I also wanted to be able to take this with me to the park or the beach, so I added the straps to wrap around the rolled up matt for easy carrying.

The Mat in Dance With Me.JPG

The Mat has denim backing.JPGI added this Yoga Matt sewing pattern to the tab at the top of my blog called Sewing Patterns. Stay tuned for more patterns coming soon!

Happy sewing!


Note: This Matt is not just for outdoor use. If you want to use this matt for doing yoga on a slippery floor, you could use a non-slip rug pad underneath it. (check the craft supply stores or carpet stores) I would cut the rug pad into smaller pieces and stitch them to the back of the yoga matt.

PS – If you make this pattern, I would love it if you share a photo of your project in the Flickr group I created. Thank you!

One comment

  • I love this pattern! I am wanted a fun project other than a full quilt and this will be so useful – I can’t wait to get started!

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