Pattern for Pocket Size Sketchbook Cover

I’m excited to share a pattern for another sketchbook cover and zipper pouch with you today! This cover is for a pocket size Moleskin sketchbook, which measures 3.5″ x 5.5″. I also made a medium size (9″ wide by 6″ high) zipper pouch to store the sketchbook and a few drawing tools. Click here to purchase the pattern to make both sketchbook sets.

pocket size sketchbook and zipper pouch

Happy sewing and sketching, my friends!


Note: Because I create with human hands, my cutting is never perfect. My sewing is never perfectly straight. My circles aren’t perfectly symmetrical or even. And I always have threads to trim. Please don’t mind my imperfections 😉 This is just a fun tutorial I’m excited to share with you. I’m sure there are many ways to make these sketchbook covers or zipper pouches; I’m just sharing my concept and process here.


  • Terri this is such a great tutorial! I love how the double elastic keeps the notebook closed when there’s a pen, that’s so clever! I like that you made that beautiful Lizzy House pouch to keep it in too, perfect for keeping colored pencils with the notebook.

    • Thanks so much for your comments, Terri Ann! I’m happy to hear someone out there likes these projects! This is one of my favorite things to make, so I hope to inspire the idea in others too.

  • Love these, you have clearly put a lot of effort into making this little tutorial!

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