Free Printable Calendar – August 2015

Welcome August, which brings us the last of summer days in the Northern Hemisphere. I’m excited to spend a little down time relaxing at the lake and on the beach.

Click here to download your free printable calendar for August 2015.

August 2015 printable calendar

Here are a few tid-bits about August:

• The birthstone for August is the Peridot
• The zodiac signs for August are Leo (July 23 – August 22) and Virgo (August 23 – September XX)
• The flower for August is the Gladiolus (and also the Poppy)

Here are a few random, unique days in August:

• August 1: National Mustard Day
• August 2: Friendship Day
• August 3: National Watermelon Day
• August 15: National Honey Bee Day
• August 16, 1977: Elvis Presley died
• August 25: National Banana Split Day
• August 28, 1963: Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his “I have a dream” speech

I left room on the calendar days so you can record meetings, appointments or special days. And there’s a column on the right side to keep your notes and to-do list for the month. Hope you find these free printables useful and fun. Happy Summer to you!



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