A Little Art

I started painting art cards again! I noticed on Instagram that Victoria Johnson started a project called A Little Art, where you create a tiny piece of art everyday. These tiny pieces of art measure 2.5″ x 3.5″ or scraps of watercolor paper I have leftover from other projects. So far I’ve been using watercolors and gouache, along with the occasional Micron pens to add a few details.

Here’s Days 1 – 7:

Week1I haven’t illustrated any art cards since my weekly project in 2011, so this has been a great warm up. I’m not sure I will be able to do a new piece of art every day, but it will be fun to try. Happy tiny drawing and painting!


9 thoughts on “A Little Art

  1. I love this idea! Sometimes a whole art journal page or blank canvas can be daunting… I think the tiny art idea is a wonderful one. It would let me practice new techniques in a small format. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Heather! That’s exactly why I like working with artist trading card-size paper. It gets me excited to do some painting, splattering, drawing, hand-lettering and just experimenting since it’s on a smaller scale. And it keeps me in the habit of making art more regularly/daily. Hope you get a chance to try it too.

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