Craft and Gift Market

I participated in a craft and gift market this past weekend, which was a fun experience.

craft fair tableI was pleasantly surprised at how well things went for my first time as a vendor! The organizer of the show found me on Etsy while she was looking for local makers in our area.

I was really happy with how my display turned out (a few things got cut off in this picture). I had lots of sales, and even sold out of a few designs, from pumpkin greeting cards to Christmas cards to nature specimen cards, all of which will still be available in my Etsy shop with a new batch of printing.

It was helpful to have my mom by my side for moral support since she’s so good at encouraging me to put myself out there more. She was also very good at going around to all the other vendors and asking about their handmade goods. I would love to be better at networking at the next event.

I got a lot of great feedback and learned a few things to improve my products and my display, so I’m hoping to try more art fairs and craft shows in the future.



  • Wonderful market report Terri. Keep up the good work. Your designs are so fresh and pretty. Yeah! Barbara in Saint Louis It is autumn. The flowers are all colors and happy.

    • Thank you so much Barbara! I really appreciate that. I’m looking forward to coming up with new designs and trying new markets. Enjoy autumn in your part of the country!

  • Your display looks beautiful! Lovely work 😊

  • Hello Terri,

    Congratulations on your first market stall. It was lovely for your Mum to come along for moral support and toilet breaks etc. Promoting yourself at a stall and chatting certainly makes a difference to the purchaser.

    Happy days.

  • I’m so happy to hear your first vending experience was a success! Your set up looks amazing and I am not surprised to learn you sold out of some items. Those pumpkins cards are the cutest!

    • Thanks so much Rene’! Those pumpkin cards were some of the designs that sold out, which was cool to see. I’m looking forward to trying more art and craft fairs in the future.

  • Elizabeth - Lili and Mum's

    Your booth looks very eye-catching! I’m so glad you had a good experience. Craft Fairs are so hit-and-miss.

    • Thanks so much Elizabeth! It was fun to figure out an inviting setup for my booth that went with the theme of my illustrations and products. I was kinda skeptical (but still hopeful!) about my first craft fair, so thankfully this was a good one. Hoping to try a few more in the future.

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