Tiny Art: Christmas Greens

So many things to draw and illustrate, so little time! I love making these tiny art cards, and hope to keep creating a new tiny piece of art almost every day.

It’s fun to experiment on a small canvas (2.5″ x 3.5″) with a variety of art supplies – watercolors and gouache, Micron pens, a Tombow marker and white ink to add a few details.

This week, I used a mostly red to green color palette, and found inspiration in Christmas greenery. Here are seven new tiny art pieces, no. 50-56, which I try to post regularly on Instagram.

tiny art christmas set Happy tiny drawing and painting!


Click here to see Tiny Art no. 43-49.

Click here to see Tiny Art no. 36-42.

Click here to see Tiny Art no. 29-35.

Click here to see Week 4, no. 22-28.

Click here to see Week 3, no. 15-21.

Click here to see Week 2, no. 8-14.

Click here to see Week 1, no. 1-7.

2 thoughts on “Tiny Art: Christmas Greens

  1. Hi Terri! Your drawings are beautiful! I love the idea to make one each day. I liked to paint and draw and I should try this same because after starting to quilt, I haven’t done anything else. I wish you Merry Christmas and Happy, creative New Year! x Teje

    1. Thanks so much, Teje! It’s always a battle trying to figure out how to split my free time between drawing and sewing. More of both in the New Year! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too. Cheers!

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