Week 5 Weekly Sketchbook Page: Whales

In order to continue my mission to draw all the time and fill up more sketchbooks in 2016, I’m working on a new weekly theme to do daily drawings, while experimenting with watercolor (no grid this week!). At the end of each week, it’s great to have seven new drawings and a full page illustration.

Last week’s theme was Whales, with a light blue splash in the background.

week 5 sketchbook page of whales

Can’t wait to turn this sketchbook page into fun new digital art! Happy drawing!


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11 thoughts on “Week 5 Weekly Sketchbook Page: Whales

    1. Thanks so much Bev! I really appreciate that. I sure had a lot of fun creating this one. I am hoping to turn this into a fun fabric design, so I’ll keep you posted.

    1. Thanks Cindy. Are there many types of pandas? I’m not too familiar with them. Each week I’ve been doing a variety of animals within the same species, which has been a fun way to get to know more animals.

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